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Frank, Linda, Bj & Hunter

Frank, Linda, Bj & Hunter

As we start our 21st year at Manvel Mattress Furniture Gallery; we have a lot to be thankful for.

My name is Linda M. Henry, and my husband is Frank G. Hagdorn Jr.  We opened the doors in June 1994, as Manvel Mattress Depot at 20350 Highway 6 in Manvel, Texas. Because we were a wholesale, bedding, manufacturing company getting ready to open our first retail store; we painted the floors grey and set up our mattresses on frames.

Nervous? Oh yes, we were nervous. In a small town of 900, with only a 2 lane road, we asked ourselves, “Who are our customers going to be? Where will they come from?” As I recall, Mr. and Mrs. Alton Rogers of Manvel, Texas walked in the door and welcomed us to the neighborhood, and here was where our story began.

The roads are now 6 lanes, the floors have changed, the walls are old barn wood, and we are packed full of Rustic, Western Furniture and Décor. We’ve raised 2 sons; BJ, now in his thirties, and well into his career; and Hunter, graduating from Manvel High School in 2016 to start college at Dartmouth, in New Hampshire. We also changed the name to Manvel Mattress Furniture Gallery, and people still come in and say, “I have driven by here a hundred times and always wanted to stop” and believe me, they’re hooked now!

We have built many wonderful friendships & relationships with our wide range of customers. And yes, Mr. & Mrs. Alton Rogers still come in to keep us straight.

In January of 2011, as if we didn’t already have enough on our plate, we decided to open our 2nd location called The Depot Furniture Gallery. It’s located at 101 S. Brooks in Brazoria, Texas. We’ve continued our rustic flair and now tell everyone we can better serve you having stores on the North and South sides of Brazoria County.

The Depot sits next to the railroad tracks on Highway 36 in a building that was built in the early 1900’s. I’m not sure if the old Mercantile accents us or our rustic western décor accents us; but either way it is a perfect fit. Brazoria welcomed us to their town and we couldn’t be happier.

For those of you who have not yet given us the pleasure of meeting you, please come in and make yourself at home. Let us help you decorate, furnish or even find that special treasure for your next gift.


Thank you,

Linda & Frank

H&H Estates